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Monday, October 03, 2005

Bateau Mouche aka harbor boat cruise

I am a bit of a sucker for boat cruises, anything on the water draws me in. Though I just read about those Canadians who drowned on a boat cruise in the Northwest, maybe I should think twice before jumping on board..,.

It has been sunny and warm in Montreal and Quebec- perfect weather for a harbor cruise. It was really wonderful to be out on the St. Laurence River. The guide was very informative, pointing out everything worth mentioning (in both French and English) and I enjoyed taking pictures. I seem to have become quite addicted to my little digital camera. I am taking way more pictures than I thought that I would. I was warned by other people that once you get a digital camera you just can't stop yourself, and sure enough, I totally succommed. Since I have my laptop with me I can keep downloading them and clearing my memory card and taking more. Here are a few from the cruise.

The big sphere was a biosphere for the World's Fair but the glass was destoyed in a fire at one point. The still use it without the glass as a base for climate/ weather/enviroment stuff.

The ferris wheel was also for the fair and now is owned by Six Flags (of course).

The funny building which lookes like it was made of lots of box shaped rooms was designed by a 23 year old architecture student and they are popular condos now.


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