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Monday, October 03, 2005



The old city of Montreal is comprised of wonderful old stone buildings. It truly feels like you are in Paris with its tiny cobblestone streets, beautiful sign-age for the shops and lovely architecture. It even has a Notre Dame. This one is called a basilica rather than a cathedral. I'm not sure what the difference is between the two.

The interior of this church is strikingly different than the one in Paris however. The words gaudy and over the top come to mind. Rococo gone wild. There is something wonderful about it in all of its garishness. The ceiling is a blue color and soars above. There is beautiful wood work in the pews and in the amazing pulpit. It would be a kick to see some of my pastors preach from there! The floor is comprised of bright turquoise blue and yellow tiles. It is hard to know where to look in this edifice because everything just screams at you for attention.

This is where Celine Dion chose to get married. Say no more...

In sharp contrast to the sanctuary is a lovely chapel which has lots of character but is all in neutral tones and natural wood. The wood carving behind the altar was stunning in its depiction of Jesus and the Holy Spirit in the shape of a dove and other scenes. The whole chapel felt calming and worshipful after being in the huge cathedral. A mass was just finishing up when I first walked by and they kept people out until the worshippers were done with their service. Maybe the aura had to do with the chapel actually being used for its true purpose.

So, I came away with some fundraising ideas if we are still short on funds at First Pres.

Inspired by the Catholic church:

1. Two sound and light shows at $10 a person every night.
2. Candles for people to light (available day and night) at $1 each
3. Gift shop with post cards, religious trinkets, Special Moments figurines...
4. Charge $4 for entrance for all visitors, $10 if they want a guided tour (good idea for the new buildings)
5. Good old fashioned indulgences!!!

Just a few suggestions...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Aim!

TOO FUNNY that Celine Dion was married there...very dramatic!

How much are the indulgences? I could use a few! ;)


6:07 PM  

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