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Monday, August 08, 2005

Amtrak Extravaganza 2005


Here is my travel itinerary as it stands right now. I am very excited about taking this trip and I hope you will enjoy following along in my blog. I plan to write frequently and download to blogspot whenever I am able to. Please feel free to write in the comments space or email me at emeryvilleamy@gmail.com.


Amy’s Itinerary:

September 14-15 train to Portland
September 16-17 Portland
September 17 train to Seattle
September 17-20 Seattle
September 20 train to Bellingham
September 20-22 Bellingham
September 22 train to Vancouver
September 22-25 Vancouver
September 25-28 train to Toronto
September 28-29 Toronto
September 29-
October 4 Montreal and Quebec
October 4 bus to St. Albans
October 4-8 (rental car) Vermont
October 8 train to Boston
October 8-11 Boston
October 11 train to New York
October 11-14 New York
October 15 train to Washington, DC
October 15-17 Washington, DC
October 18 train to Durham w/ stop in Richmond VA
October 18-22 Chapel Hill
October 22 train to Charleston
October 22-24 Charleston
October 25 train to Savannah
October 25-27 Savannah
October 27-28 train to New Orleans
October 28-31 New Orleans
October 31-
November 1 train to Austin
November 1-4 Austin
November 4-5 train to El Paso
November 5-18 (rental car) El Paso through New Mexico and Colorado
November 18-19 train from Denver to Emeryville


Anonymous Anonymous said...

My Mom and sister live in Peacham Vermont - you have to go see the colors there in the autumn. It is a tiny little town where photographers come from all over taking pictures of the white steepled churchs with the autumn leaves. The best picture taking is on Mack Mountain Road just up from the cemetary in Peacham! Enjoy

6:20 AM  
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