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Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Chow Fun!


I really loved Nanning. The color and tropical weather and the people all were wonderful. Not to mention the food. This entry is going to be about food so if that bores you feel free to skip it.

For breakfast we walked around the block to a noodle stand Thomas and I had seen a few days before. The women were cooking the fresh chow fun noodles to order in boiling broth and then added them to the stir fry vegetables and meat in a wok. The wok and all the ingredients were sizzling and frothing so we didn't have to worry about anything not being fully cooked. Thomas asked for a different kind of noodles where the pan caught a bit on fire and shot up a flame. It would have made for a great TV cooking show. After she cooked our orders we took them inside and ate them. The flavors were quite delicate and delicious.

We took a cab to a bakery that they knew about from a previous trip. There were all kinds of fresh warm rolls and breads and fancy cakes. We took a little tray and created quite a nice sampler platter. My favorites were a sweet roll topped with black and white sesame seeds and had a taro root filling, a coconut roll and a whole wheat roll that had sunflower, flax and sesame seeds on the top. It is unusual to find whole wheat products over here so we ended up buying more of those for dinner. Gretchen and I also tried the layered green tea cake and the chocolate cream cakes. They were lovely but only tasted so-so. A bit of each was enough. We ate at cafe tables on the sidewalk as we people watched. I had a bottled iced coffee to go with these treats so I was very happy.

Later we went back to the restaurant where we had my birthday dinner. We order the same spicy "fishy" eggplant, an incredible pork and vegetable dish, braised flowering cabbage, rice and beer. These dishes were all wonderfully seasoned and were served in such large portions that we could only eat about half. It could be that we were still somewhat full from the bakery feast earlier too. All of that came to less than $6.00. So we aren't starving over here. Good thing that we walk a lot and go up several thousand stairs everyday.

Bon Appetit!


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