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Thursday, June 23, 2005

Close to Home- Take #2

My first attempt to post was only partially successful. What actually appeared was about2/3 of an unedited first draft, so my apologies. I am not known for my computer skills and therefore I might have to bumble around for awhile til I figure it all out.

I do seem to have an affinity for hitting mysterious keys which can suddenly delete everything that I have written. When I was living in Paris a couple of years ago I often had this experience as I was writing emails in the internet cafes there. The French man in charge would look at me with contempt as I pleaded for help in retreiving my lost work. He would say, "That is not possible!" Well, maybe not in theory, but somehow I was quite capable of it. His next helpful remark would be, "C'est la vie." Not so helpful either. Then he might venture the comment, "C'est normal" which only increased my frustration.

Besides my general lack of knowledge about computers and the gift of spastic fingers hitting random keys I was also challenged by the fact that French keyboards are very differently arranged than American ones. For example the "A" and "Q" are switched. Trying to unlearn my instinctual keying and figuring out the new French one made typing much more tedious. Add in the pressure that one feels when you are paying by the MINUTE, it is quite depressing to lose an hours worth of brillant writing. Of course it is brillant if it is irrevocably lost. So sometimes friends received a few lines from a frustrated and demoralized friend rather than a delightful masterpiece of wondrously composed, inspirational travel experiences. (In case you don't know me I hope that you get that I am saying this "tongue-in-cheek.")

I will write again about my beloved Emeryville Marina because there is so much more to say. That's all for now.



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